Technical Capability

Since 1963, Barnes & Dodge has been building the Midwest by embracing all that new technologies have to offer.

Integrating Trades and Technology

All too often, there is a breakdown in communication regarding the reconciliation of design work and technological specifications with the physical components in the field. At Barnes & Dodge, we have project managers experienced in CAD and BIM. In addition, all have completed a five-year apprenticeship in the trades. This combination gives our project managers the ability to translate between designers and crew to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Breaking Ground

Barnes & Dodge possesses decades of experience utilizing CAD and BIM, having adopted the technology almost at its inception and leading the coordination among other contractors to adopt it as well. BIM is vital to ensuring accurate estimates and on-time, on-budget project completion. The company is also focused on adopting new technology as it becomes available. One example is the use of a laser scanner, which acts as a 360-degree camera measuring millions and millions of reference points. With a laser scan, the future location for walls, floors and other planes can be seen directly on site. This replacement for time-consuming, traditional survey methods can be indispensable on jobs where post-construction documentation is required.